AKARAT team has shown an exceptional level of services. They have gone beyond customer service. They have actually provided a whole and complete solution to my family. They helped us get oriented to Canada even prior to starting our journey there. They have made us feel welcomed and put us in touch with the professionals to help us settle in. They became our partners in our journey and helped us find a fit-for- purpose solution for our housing needs starting from temp accommodation to rentals and ending by a house purchase.

AKARAT team has shown us to be the consultant and even partner of choice when it comes to any personal or business transaction. Thank you. – Y.G. & E.D. – Burlington, ON

What makes AKARAT different from other real estate brokerage is that Mohammad and Mayada are ADVISING their clients what to do, supporting them, provide them with all the knowledge and experience they have. Their goal is not to complete a buying or rental transaction but make sure that the clients will make the right decisions. In addition, their support extends to after sale/rent, whenever you need help, inquiry and advise both will try to support as much as they can. Thanks Mohammad and Mayada for the amazing full-service concept you are providing. – N.S. – Burlington, ON

The best real estate service we have ever had…they are experts and Very professional in the real estate field and also they worked with us as family members we can trust in our new journey in Canada. they do their best to satisfy clients. Thank you so much Mohammad and Mayada for everything. – A.R.

“I recently had the pleasure of purchasing my first home through AKARAT. Mr. Abusaa managed with great professionalism and expertise to get my first home after a bidding war. He skilfully and patiently walked me through the whole process and connected me with reputable lawyers and mortgage institutions. I’m very grateful for his genuine assistance and his follow up to facilitate this wonderful experience. His mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are very much respected and appreciated. I highly recommend them.” M.R. & W.M. – Toronto, ON

“These guys are really amazing…They know what customer experience means. Not only they helped me as a new comer to rent a home, but also they handled all the negotiations, arranged for some personal stuff to be installed in the home based on my request, also they introduced me to other sources who helped in the early days in establishing my new life in Canada. These guys are extremely recommended.”
H.A. & R. M. – Oakville, ON

“I would like to thank you so much for all the help and guidance you provided us in our journey to buy our house. You really went over and beyond any expectations. You genuinely care about your clients, and always put their priorities front and centre. Through your caring and dedication you manage to turn your clients into your friends and I am truly happy to call you my friend.” – A.S. & O.S. – Oakville, ON

“#AkaratRealestate: Extremely Energetic and Dynamic team with a clear focus on Client welfare – friendly and approachable 😀  – An amazing experience 🙂 Highly recommended!!! – B.T & D.K – Burlington, ON

#AkaratMortgages: Knowledge and Experience combined. Dedicated to client’s best interest. It was not even strictly business as it was indeed a very enjoyable experience 😉  Thank YOU #AkaratMortgages”- B.T & D.K – Burlington, ON

“Mohammad Abusaa and Hadia Kamal were recommended to us through some of our friends, they make a great team, with their experience and on-the-spot guidance, we were able to secure the perfect home and financials for our needs. Prior to meeting them, we were spinning our wheels with other brokers in the toughest real-estate market period during late 2016 to early 2017! Hadia exudes a caring & patient demeanor with persistence, she gave us the details on every house and kept us honest to our search criteria, and gave us the freedom never stepping on our feet when it comes to the decision process. Mohammad is knowledgeable and committed and was able to understand my needs through his targeted questions in our 1st meeting, and made a precise picture of what kind of property will suit us, that proved very accurate even after 3 gruelling weeks of daily 5 hour tours! Specifically in today’s “crazy” market where homes are gaining 22% YoY, I don’t doubt for a second the value add Hadia and Mohammad gave, from navigating our way in those “bidding wars” and understanding when to pull out and when to continue, and how to gauge the true market value vs the hype. Mohammad and Hadia saved me several times from going overboard, and that was crucial. Given Mohammad is also a licensed Mortgage Agent, I could know my limits and collate that to the property at stake, giving me the beans during those hand-to-hand combat moments. I am now waiting to get the keys to our new home, and already secured the mortgage I was looking for, I really couldn’t keep myself from writing this testimonial, they are that good!” – K.S & M.N – Oakville, ON

Working with Mohammed has been a fantastic experience from the beginning. As first time home buyers, Mohammed played an instrumental role in securing the right place for us. He gained our trust from the initial meeting by understanding our needs and requirements and also answering all our questions honestly. He is thorough yet efficient in his work and extremely prompt with all communication. What further impressed us, is that he never hesitates to go the extra distance for his clients. Whenever needed, he was always available to advise us and facilitate our purchase. We can confidently recommend Mohammed to anyone looking for not just an outstanding broker but a genuinely nice person” R.K and N.K – Toronto, Ontario

“Hadia is Caring, sincere and extremely dedicated for her clients’ welfare and satisfaction!” D.K. – Burlington, Ontario

“Mohammed was highly recommended to me by two of my friends. He asked the right questions and found the perfect fit for me. I would recommend Mohammed to my friends/family or anyone who looking for a reliable broker” R.A. – Toronto, ON

“Hadia is a great asset to the real estate community. Hadia is very personable, passionate and patient. I highly recommend her.” S.P. – Burlington, Ontario

“The one and only trust worthy we have experienced in Toronto. I strongly recommend Mohammad if you want to have peace of mind and straight forward as well as honest gentleman to deal with.” R.F. – North York, Ontario

“Hadia is very friendly, patient, as well as being very smart, and dedicated to her work, always hard working.” O.E. – Ajax, Ontario

“Mohammad knows his stuff. Impressive effort and excellent analysis helped us sell our house quickly and for the price we were looking for. Highly recommend Mohammad.” A.H. – Oakville, Ontario

“We have known Muhammad for a few months now; however, it wasn’t long before we realized how exceptional and genuine person he is on a personal and professional level. When selecting units for us, Muhammad took all our needs and expectations into consideration and always gave an honest opinion. We believe what sets him apart from most others is that extra mile he is always willing to travel just to make sure you are a happy customer and that you are getting the best value for money. Choosing him as our realtor was a decision we now get to appreciate, and we would heartily recommend him to anyone intending to make their experience in Canada a unique and pleasant one, just like the one they had back home!” F.M. & E.H. – North York, Ontario

” Hadia is so friendly, gives all her time gladly, very very patient, so helpful, i already recommended her to all my friends H.S. – North York, Ontario

“Mohammad I just want to thank you for the smooth and great job you have done in all aspect .You defiantly made our life easy. Your knowledge, professionalism integrity, courteous , dedicated, wise , punctuality and finally the prompt reply were much appreciated and rare in business today. Without a question, I would recommend Mohammad to any one who needs his service that are sensitive to our individual and special requirements.” A.K.& R.F. – North York, Ontario

“Hadia is client oriented, studies preferences n meets demands, professional and highly dedicated, very easy to work with, knowledgeable, always available and attentive, provides time and comprehensive data and expertise ,friendly, patient, helpful and very reliable, I would recommend her to anyone.” M.F. – North York, Onratio

“We knew Mohammad very recent and found him a “Class A” real estate professional, he made the process of finding our ideal house in a very short time as easy as possible for us. He provided us quality information in a timely manner, he personalized his services which made us benefit immediately, something which exceeded our expectations by far.. To be more specific, Mohammad’s service was passionately delivered to us with honesty, understanding and accountability. Being new immigrants, Mohammad was a good listener to our detailed family needs with honest care. He was initiative enough to address many important points that are sensitive to our individual and special requirements. All of this has made us feel as a Client for Life. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to you dear Mohammad for everything.” G.T. & R.K. – Toronto, Ontario

“Hadia is a smart, dedicated, compassionate and extremely friendly real estate agent, who settles for nothing but the best, and will never rest until she finds you what you are looking for. Highly recommended!” D.M. – North York, Onratio

“I have known Mohammad for more than 12 years. I appreciate very much his honesty and professionalism.” S.S. – Toronto, Ontario

” Hadia is very patient and professional and extremely friendly ” M.R. – Richmond Hill, Ontario

“I have known Mohammad to be a highly attentive and respectful individual, result oriented with high commitment to his career” K.R. – Mississauga, Ontario

“Having the right person to help us during our move to Canada made all the difference. A friend of mine referred Mohammed as she was really pleased with his services. From the first phone call, I felt I was in the right hands. He asked all the right questions and made sure he knew exactly what I was looking for. His prompt response and feedback were very helpful. His services went beyond finding the right place to live. He helped us with schools, community centers and even recommended a gym for us! Mohammad became our “go to” man and I would ask him about anything I needed help with. He did not hesitate to offer his help in any area. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone planning on moving to Canada.” R.D. – Toronto, Ontario